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      We Create Experiences

Nation of Wonders is all about creating experiences that assist in developing children's minds in all areas. We ensure that each child develops at their own pace while equipping them with what they need to be successful in life.  

We celebrate their individuality and respect their growth. 

We work with our families to guarantee that their child is on a structured path of learning.  Communication is Key- and we collaborate with our parents to ensure they are working on the same skills in a home as we are in the classroom. 

We create individualized goals for ALL of our children. Monitoring their success with our ASQ and Social Skills Assessment, Our goal is to successfully transition each child into Kindergarten when they leave us. 

So if you're looking for a school that extends BEYOND your child's basic needs! Don't wait! ENROLL NOW! 

Please note that if your child has a diagnosis', we will be testing to determine if they are group ready for our setting. We are not a 1 0n 1 clinic, and do not provide individualized therapy for those who need it. We can provide a group setting for those who display group readiness skills. 

What we Offer:
*Creative Curriculum
*Dynamic ReadingProgram
*Healthy Hygiene Program
 *ABA Social Groups
*Degreed Teachers
*Assessments done for ALL children upon enrolling to determine skill level. 
*Classrooms For Children with ASD/ ADD/ADHD
We follow- 
     *CDC Safety Measures, and take all COVID-19 precautions as suggested. 

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